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Whether using Ubuntu on a home computer or for mission-critical business projects, security updates are the most important reason to keep the OS updated. These updates offer superior protection against zero-day exploits, which exploit the common human tendency to delay updates until they become absolutely necessary.Ubuntu 23.10 also contains many optimizations and performance improvements. You can read more about these in the release notes, which are displayed during the upgrade process. Follow these steps to keep the OS streamlined and safe.Although you can technically accomplish everything via the command line (see instructions below), the software updater can easily handle Ubuntu version upgrades.

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The Robotic Wave at CES

Robotic fast-food restaurants are beginning to pop up already, and at CES this year, folks were showcasing and talking about the first big wave of robots coming from a variety of vendors, one of which is designed to compete with the coming Tesla robot.What I continue to find fascinating is that this robotic wave was first presented at Dell Tech World. Since then, Dell has had one big robotic project, Concept Luna, that was incredibly compelling but has yet to make it out of the concept stage.

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